Understanding Anxiety



The complex nature of anxiety and a general lack of awareness can create relationship tensions when one partner does not understand the inhibitions, phobias, and stresses of the other. This lack of understanding can sometimes turn to outright dismissal of legitimate anxieties since manageable, small-scale feelings of anxiety are felt by everyone.


When you or a loved one are suffering from anxiety it is important to understand the nature of the affliction. For years Tamar has helped both suffering individuals and their families understand and overcome anxiety disorders using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to identify, challenge, and replace inhibiting thoughts that caused them anxiety. She will work with you to find treatment options, or simply understand the feelings that are holding you back, and help you create a toolset to tackle them.

How Does Anxiety Feel?



Anxiety feels like inner unpleasantness or turmoil accompanied by nervous behaviours such as pacing, somatic complaints, and rumination. In more extreme cases, sufferers of anxiety describe this feeling as a sense of dread, as one can imagine when recognizing one's imminent death.



You may begin to feel anxious when your professor is passing out a weighty mid-term exam, or be flooded with anxiety when your name is called for a big interview. However, for some people, pervasive feelings of anxiety can be an overwhelming constant in their lives. Symptoms include panic attacks, obsessive thoughts, unrelenting worry, and incapacitating phobia. Anxiety disorders can have a serious negative effects on the individual's social involvement, professional career, and overall enjoyment of life. Anxiety disorders often occur in conjunction with other mental disorders, and are commonly diagnosed alongside depression, bipolar disorder, and certain eating disorders.

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If you suspect that you  or a person you know are suffering from an anxiety disorder, know that you do not need to live with these fears - become proactive about your healing process and send a message for Tamar to schedule your first appointment.