The Importance of Couples Therapy



In the past few decades, contemporary family climate shifted to rely heavily on the nuclear family structure for support and fulfillment while increasingly becoming more isolated from neighbours and local communities.  With less community interactions in our internet age, children model their  parents’ behaviours, and at home is where they develop their concepts of love, partnership, healthy relationships, family, perceived gender roles, and conflict resolution. Therefore a healthy home environment is favourable, and couples therapy encourages healthy socialization for your child, while also improving your love and home life. 

Hard Work that Leads to Happiness



Marriage counselling, marital therapy, and couples therapy all refer to the process of working with partners simultaneously to open their communication channels and bring them greater happiness as individuals and as a couple. Intimate partnerships require A LOT of work in terms of compromise, sacrifice, and acceptance of difference, but thankfully, it is possible to rekindle a waning marriage or repair dysfunctional home life with professional couples' therapy.


Couples' therapy incorporates individual perspectives into a treatment process while targeting the relationship as a wholly separate entity. It is often thought to be more complex than individual therapy since it requires the therapist to balance individual behaviours, emotions, and thought processes with dynamic changes in interpersonal relationships. Common themes during couples' therapy include:

  • Cultivating effective communication and listening skills
  • Discouraging competition between partners
  • Sharing relationship responsibilities
  • Encouraging compromise and respect



*Please note, most couples therapy sessions require two-hour bookings, since the conventional 60-minute booking does not allow enough time for both partners to fully express themselves.