The Impact of a New Baby



Tamar has been an active guest speaker at parental workshops and conferences in the past decade, on the topic of life with a baby and on how to create a healthy growth environment for your child. She is also a proud, loving mother of four.


The birth of a child can be a catalyst for extraordinary family bonding, and/ or great strain on existing relationships. But there is no doubt that parenting is very stressful and ever-demanding,  whether you are a stay home parent or a working parent, a single parent or married parent,  a parent to one child or to many. Regardless of your situation, new demands pile atop other work, family, and social obligations, easily disrupting your mental and emotional balance if mishandled. Remaining cool, calm and full of energy can help get you through the day. Learning stress management approaches and helpful parenting tools can help you achieve the stress relief you deserve and the family life you dream of having.


Although parents strive to be always at their best for the sake of their children, they are challenged with straining situations every day. In a therapeutic process that teaches parents tools and coping skills, Tamar works with them on maintaining positive relationships, overcoming unhealthy stress, and creating the most loving and nurturing environment for the optimal development of their child.

Find the Balance with your Relationship


While your newborn demands acute focus, it is important not to take your relationship for granted because sometimes it is so easy to drift apart in the face of pressure. A good relationship needs constant nourishment and care, so it is important not to let these new pressures, of a growing family, overtake the relationship. Through therapy, couples strengthen their ability to keep existing lines of communication open, express feelings, and lavish one another with as much love as possible. Tamar's couples therapy has nurtured loving relationships back from the brink by guiding partners to follow these fundamental principles.

The Effects of a stressed environment on your child



Early life experiences can have serious implications on your newborn's personality, and affect their mental health and happiness. Tamar's newborn-centric couples therapy can help parents manage home environments that are ideal for healthy bonding and development, and heal damages that may have been suffered during these crucial bonding years. The reality is couple’s personalities, social conditions, and family environments are always changing, and so healthy child-rearing practices strive to be equally fluid and responsive. In this sense, therapy is a great tool to better learn about yourself and your partner, and customize the methods of learning about your relationship. Tamar will work with your specific family conditions and needs to cultivate the best possible environment for your child.



With a Psychology degree, a Masters in Social Work, and the unrivaled personal experience of raising four children, Tamar helps families "manage the motherload," guiding new parents through life's most amazing, challenging, and rewarding journey with a caring and attentive practice.

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